Manufacture by Factories

All factories covering research and development, production and manufcturing are operated inTaiwan in accordance with two international specifications and standards - ISO AND GMP. The factories are also certified by GMP AND ISO at national level.

Every step in the creation of our products, from the import of original ingredients, production processing, finished goods to packaging, is managed by directing personnel and monitoring equipment so that the aim of controlling and reducing pollution is paramount. Levels of control are measured by advanced apparatus with an aid of the strictest verification of quality control. Our factories produce goods in a standard of class 100,000 Cleanrooms. In addition, our lab is dedicated to quality assurance.

Class 100,000 Cleanrooms are set up in accordance with GMP standards

Based on operational requirements,  independent and particular areas are planned for production, storage, quality control, etc.

Based on the level of cleanness, clean areas, protected areas and general areas are divided into zones.

Qualified suppliers from Europe, the U.S. and Japan are strictly selected.

Assessment on suppliers is carried out regularly.

Ingredients COA is attached upon purchase. Keep close tabs on the quality of each kind of products.