Eastderm is a waterproof and breathable wound dressing with high moisture retention, high water absorption rate, good ductility. It provide the wound with moist environment to help recovery. Because Eastderm products own the effect of moisture absorption, to pretend the wound from bacteria inflection and to provide better environment for recovery, please replace with new dressing when it is absorbed  with full of  exucate. Besides, because the dressing of Eastderm is made of medical-level formula, it is mild and a good fit for people with sensitive skin.

Feature of Eastderm:

    Medical-level hydrogel dressing, designed for moisturizing wounds and minimizing  wound crusting.

     Assist in wound recovery, transparent to make the wound easily observed.

     Waterproof and breathable protective film to pretend the wound from secondary infections

     Stopping bacteria and water invading, at the same time make the wound easily to be observed.  

     Advanced hydrogel to help absorbing wound secretions and assist in wound recovery.

     Medical-level pressure sensitive adhesive - prevent the wound from allergy.