Protis fits everyone's need in teeth whitening with multiple products. The convenience and patent of customized technology make Protis the top brand in teeth whitening. 

Premium Teeth Whitening Strips


  • High whitening efficiency  in 30 minutes.
  • Product upgrade with herbal formula.
  • Own multiple stretched patented technologies to effectively cover the surface and the back of tooth. 
  • Add precious natural extract – Totarol, to take care of oral while teeth whitening.
  • Effective and milder product 





  • High whitening efficiency in 30 minutes.
  • Upgraded effect with clinic-level whitening formula. 
  • Tested and proved by NTU that teeth is whitened with 10.4 level in shade after using for 7 consective days.
  • Own the patent of technology to make teeth whitening kit customized and fit different tooth shape.
  • Mild whitening without being irritated.


3D teeth whitening kit with activated charcoal


  • High whitening efficiency in 30 minutes.
  • EU-approved whitening technology
  • Patent of technology makes whitening kit customized and fit different tooth shape. 
  • Effectively cover the surface and back of teeth.
  • Active carbon helps refresh breath.