Wound Dressing

Easting Biotech owns research and develop team to help provide different size and formula of hydrogel dressing for different medical institutions, medical beauty clinics and special applications

For Medical Staff


   Easily Operated
  • Easy to operate, reduce the time for exchanging.
  • Transparent colloid, which makes the wound easily to be observed.


 Great Curative Effect
  • Protect wounds and isolate infections.       
  • Inhibits bacterial growth .        
  • Absorb exudate and avoid wound infiltration.      
  • Maintain physiological environment (temperature and pH) for healing.





  • Waterproof, can be used while showering .     
  • Reduce the number of time for dressing exchanges. 
  • Suitable for many types of wound.




 Great Comfort
  • Suitable environment for wound recovery.      
  • Lightweight and non-allergic.
  • The colloid absorbs moisture and de-adhesive, does not stick to the wound and reduces the pain of dressing change.