Culture and Value
Honesty and integrity, pursuit of excellence and altruism are our core value, as we are always pursuing high-quality attitude!
Easting Biotech uses hydrogel polymer materials as the base to provide research and development in biological technology and collaborates with international teams in operation. Holding strict, serious and responsible attitude and through, through the integration of clinical and user testing, Easting Biotech provides consumer with the most innovate, safest and easily-applied product that meet their needs.
Easting Biotech dedicates in operating the most effective and safest Hydrogel products. Easting Biotech is expected to contribute to the well-being of the world and invest more innovation to the field of biological technology.
Company History
  • Year 2009  Easting Biotech Co., Ltd. was found.
  • Year 2010 Obtained the patent of ROC innovative and personalized unique dental mold patent.
  • Year 2012 Selected as the highest subsidy of Taipei Municipal Government's innovative biotech company.
  • Year 2013 The test report of the National Taiwan University School of Dentistry was confirmed.
  • Year 2014 Obtained teeth whitening patent in Taiwan and China - awarded the best manufacturer in Taipei.
  • Year 2015 Full range of hydrogel dental trays were added to the toothpaste channel and e-commerce. 
  • Year 2016 The world's first hydrogel whitening patch development, officially entered the Chinese market.
  • Year 2017 The world's first herbal Totarol tooth paste was launched.
  • Year 2018 The global innovative third-generation biomedical hydrogel dressing was launched.