Eastingbio has collaborated with top scholars in the industry to research and develop products for many years. They discovered a break through of the existing technology with a new approach of incorporating different kinds of vital ingredients. By using multilayer structural techniques with a mixture of dosage formats we have invented a totally brand new product.

Controlled release loading platform

Hydrogel wound dressing (Band-aid, Laparotomy, Superficial trauma….)

Controlled release loading platform

The usage of Chinese herbal medicine or essential oil can gently release the drug, and different ingredients can be adjusted for different insomnia, and the side effects are low.

Warm water glue

The hydrogel polymer is made of a biodegradable temperature-sensitive substrate. The formulation can be adjusted according to the properties of the carrier, application characteristics, physical requirements, contact temperature, etc

Hemostatic dressing

The hydrogel substrate is combined with different hydrogel substrate polymers to maintain material and loading characteristics. Chitosan is added to quickly stop bleeding, and it is applied to a technology platform developed in special environments.